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Grimston, Pott Row, Roydon and Congham Neighbourhood Plan

Find out about the proposed Grimston, Pott Row, Roydon and Congham neighbourhood plan

The parishes of Grimston, Roydon and Congham are made up of four rural communities:

  • Grimston
  • Pott Row
  • Roydon
  • Congham


Due to the physical proximity of these settlements and sharing of services and facilities, the three Parish Councils have decided to prepare a single Neighbourhood Plan covering the three parish areas. Grimston Parish Council (on behalf of Roydon and Congham Parish Councils) was appointed statutory Qualifying Body for the Neighbourhood Plan.

Latest News

Publication of Neighbourhood Plan Examiner`s Report

The Neighbourhood Plan Examiner’s Report published on 20 May 2024 concluded that, subject to a series of recommended modifications set out in his Report, the Grimston, Pott Row, Roydon and Congham Neighbourhood Plan meets all the necessary legal requirements and should proceed to referendum. The Examiner’s report is available to view through the following link.

Consultation on additional evidence base

Since August 2023, the Grimston, Pott Row, Roydon and Congham Neighbourhood Plan has been under independent examination (see below). In November 2023, the Neighbourhood Plan Examiner suspended the examination, to allow for broader consultation to take place regarding the Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) screening documents and additional evidence, provided by the Qualifying Body/ Borough Council as part of the ongoing examination.

To ensure that interested parties have a proper opportunity to scrutinise this additional evidence base and ensure transparency of process, we are now consulting on the following:

The consultation started in November 2023. However, the scope has been extended, to take account of the updated National Planning Policy Framework, published on 20 December 2023. Accordingly, the consultation period has been extended until Friday 26 January 2024.

Representations should be made, in writing, as follows, by:

  • Email:; or
  • Post: Grimston, Pott Row, Roydon and Congham Neighbourhood Plan
    Planning Policy
    King’s Court Chapel Street
    King’s Lynn
    PE30 1EX

In responding, please consider the basic conditions, the tests that the Neighbourhood Plan needs to fulfil to proceed to referendum (further information below).

Please note that representations received after the closing date (11:59pm, Friday 26 January 2024) may not be counted and may be discarded.

Neighbourhood Plan examination

In June 2023, the Borough Council, in agreement with Grimston Parish Council (Qualifying Body) appointed Ann Skippers to examine the Grimston, Pott Row, Roydon and Congham Neighbourhood Plan. The examination will test whether the Neighbourhood Plan fulfils the basic conditions, that the Plan:

  1. has regard to national policies and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State;
  2. contributes to the achievement of sustainable development;
  3. is in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan in the area;
  4. is compatible with European Union (EU) obligations and European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR); and
  5. does not breach the requirements of Chapter 8 of Part 6 of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017

The Examiner formally started the examination in August 2023, after the end of the Regulation 16 consultation (18 August 2023).

The Examiner then published her Questions of Clarification and Note of Interim Findings from the Examiner to the Qualifying Body (QB) and the Borough Council (19 September 2023). This posed a series of questions for Grimston Parish Council (appointed QB) and us.

Most significantly, the Examiner raised concerns that the Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) screening process was insufficiently transparent and robust, with reference to the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017. Accordingly, we consulted Natural England upon a draft HRA screening report for a 4-week period (22 September – 20 October 2023, inclusive). Natural England duly responded, confirming that they are satisfied that the Neighbourhood Plan is unlikely to have any significant effects.

The HRA screening report and Natural England’s letter can be viewed through the following links:

The joint response of the QB and Borough Council (1 November 2023) to the Questions of Clarification are available to view below:

The Examiner considered the joint response and identified some further matters to be addressed and/ or tasks, necessary for her to conclude her examination. These are summarised as follows:

  • Further consultation needed regarding the additional published evidence base – HRA screening report (with erratum) and Policy 8 (Roydon Common buffer zone) background note (see above)
  • Evidence base for certain other policies appears insufficient/ lacking

The Examiner highlighted Figure 16/ Policy 14, proposing the designation of several non-designated heritage assets (NDHAs). These should be supported by evidence detailing the selection process, details of each proposed asset, a photo and short description etc, ideally prepared in accordance Historic England's Advice Note 7. The Examiner has asked the QB to collate any additional evidence base for the Policy 14 NDHA designations or other policies that may have previously been undertaken. Any new supporting evidence may be subject to further consultation.

Other guidance and documentation relating to the Neighbourhood Plan examination is available to view, below:

Further documentation will be added to this page in due course, as the Examination progresses. The Examination is anticipated to finish by spring 2024.

Previous stages

Submission of Plan Regulation 15/ Regulation 16 consultation

Grimston Parish Council submitted the Grimston, Pott Row, Roydon & Congham Neighbourhood Plan 2017-2036 to the Borough Council on 31 March 2023, in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Regulation 15. We have reviewed the submitted documentation and can confirm this meets the requirements of Regulation 15 (Legal check letter).

An initial 6-weeks consultation, under Regulation 16, ran from 19 May - 30 June 2023 (inclusive). This was later extended to Friday, 18 August 2023. Representations received during the consultation may be viewed through our online portal, once these have been processed.

The Neighbourhood Plan and other documents, submitted under Regulation 15, are available below.

Supporting documents

Character Assessments:

Full details about the Regulation 16 consultation (including the basic conditions) are set out in the statutory Public Notice.

Regulation 14 (pre-submission consultation)

The draft Grimston, Pott Row, Roydon & Congham Neighbourhood Plan was consulted upon by the Parish Council between 15 August – 7 October 2022, inclusive, under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Regulation 14.

More information is available on the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Planning web page.