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Holme-next-the-Sea Neighbourhood Plan Review

Information on the Holme-next-the-Sea neighbourhood plan

Holme-next-the-Sea Neighbourhood Plan Review

The Holme-next-the-Sea Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2036 was “made” in July 2021.

In March 2023, Holme-next-the-Sea Parish Council highlighted concerns about the definition for Gross Internal Floor Area (GIFA), set out in Part C of the Plan (Glossary of Terms).

Making (adoption) of Holme-next-the-Sea Neighbourhood Plan 2016-2036 (Part C review), April 2023

The Parish Council wrote to the Borough Council on 10 March 2023, proposing a revised GIFA definition.  This was duly considered by the Borough Council, who determined that the proposed change represents a minor modification to the Plan. Accordingly, the Holme-next-the-Sea Neighbourhood Plan (Part C review) 2016-2036 was made (adopted) on 12 April 2023:

All other parts of the Neighbourhood Plan remain unaltered.  The Plan (with appendices) is available to view in the Holme-next-the-Sea neighbourhood plan document library

Neighbourhood Plan Review

When updating a neighbourhood plan there are three types of modifications which can be made. These will then determine the process the neighbourhood plan will follow. The modifications are:

  1. Minor (non-material) modifications to a neighbourhood plan or order are those which would not materially affect the policies in the plan or permission granted by the order. These may include correcting errors, such as a reference to a supporting document, and would not require examination or a referendum.
  2. Material modifications which do not change the nature of the plan or order would require examination but not a referendum. This might, for example, entail a design code that builds on a pre-existing design policy. Or a site or sites which, subject to the decision of the independent examiner, are not so significant or substantial as to change the nature of the plan.
  3. Material modifications which do change the nature of the plan or order would require examination and a referendum. This might, for example, involve allocating significant new sites for development.

Agreed changes to the Holme-next-the-Sea Neighbourhood Plan GIFA definition (Part C) are considered to fall within category 1.  That is, a minor (non-material) modification to the Plan that did not require re-examination.

Further information

For further information email or telephone 01553 616200.