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Grimston, Congham and Roydon neighbourhood area

Find out about the proposed Grimston, Congham and Roydon designated neighbourhood area

The proposed area

The council's of Grimston, Congham and Roydon have applied to us to designate a neighbourhood area for the purpose of preparing a neighbourhood development plan.

The parishes of Grimston, Roydon and Congham are made up of four rural communities:

  • Grimston
  • Pott Row
  • Roydon
  • Congham 

Why are the parishes combining?

The four areas are historically a close knit. They share much of the same services, including:

  • schools
  • recreational facilities
  • business services (for example, a post office) 

The residents also share similar views on the protection of open space. Many of the rights of way and bridleways intertwine.

Many residents work within, or their employment serves, the four communities.

In certain areas, the parish boundaries run down the middle of the road. There can be one side of the street in one parish, and the other side in another. 

The four communities do have a separate identity, but there is a unique interaction. This makes the preparation of a joint neighbourhood plan common sense.

There's been a series of open meetings, and public workshops in each community, over the past year. They've determined that there's a common vision of how the communities should develop in the future. Therefore, they've applied for the whole of the parish of Grimston, Congham and Roydon to be designated as a neighbourhood area (please see the map below).  

A map showing the boundary line of the area of Grimston Congham and Roydon

The designation of the area will allow the parish councils, and their steering group, to develop their neighbourhood plan. This will shape development in their respective parishes, and guide decisions on planning applications. You can find out more about neighbourhood plans on our neighbourhood planning page.

The neighbourhood plan

The plan will be prepared independently by the parish councils and their steering group, and we'll provide advice and assistance. 

If their plan successfully navigates the formal stages (including consultations, examination and referendum) it will become part of the official ‘development plan’, alongside our Local Plan. 

The consultation

We invited comments on the proposed boundary of the neighbourhood area. This was in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

The consultation closed Tuesday 3 October 2017.

The results

A total of four representations were received. There were no objections to the proposed neighbourhood area. So Grimston, Roydon and Congham Parish was designated as a neighbourhood area on 5 October 2017. This is in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 as amended. 

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