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Leaving prison

Help if you're homeless and have recently left prison

Before you leave prison

Most prisons have a housing and resettlement service. So if you're not going to have a place to go when you're released, please speak to a prison housing officer as soon as you can. 

If your sentence length is over 12 months, you'll probably be released on licence. If you're released on licence, the conditions of your licence might mean you can't live in certain areas. 

When you're released on license, your probation officer will advice you to contact the Housing Options Service. 

Who we can help 

We won't be able to help you unless you have a local connection to our area.

You won't have a local connection just because your prison or probation officer is within the area. Before prison you must have lived, worked or had immediate family here.

You can find out more about local connection on our who can apply for housing page.

Help with money

The prison service will give you a discharge grant when you leave prison. The discharge grant will help with your costs until you're able to apply for benefits.

Once you've secured accommodation you may be able to claim certain benefits, such as:

Apply for the housing register

Having a fixed address is important. It helps you:

  • get a job
  • register with a doctor

You can apply for housing on our apply for housing page.