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Relationship breakdown

What to do if a relationship breakdown has caused housing issues

Legal advice 

You may need help to sort out what happens to your home if your relationship ends. When it comes to housing rights, the law can be complicated. You may need to seek legal advice.

You can contact a solicitor, but you’ll probably need to pay unless you’re a victim of domestic abuse. For free legal advice, please contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau or Shelter.

If your home is in someone else’s name

If you’re married or in a civil partnership and your relationship has broken down, you'll have home rights. You're both allowed to stay in the property by law, even if only one of your owns or rents it.

If you're not married or in a civil partnership, you might not have the same rights. You partner might be able to tell you to leave. Please seek legal advice.

If you can’t afford the rent or mortgage

If you're partner has left and you're struggling to afford to keep your home, please seek help from the Money Advice Hub. They'll help decide if your home is affordable for you.

If your home isn't affordable you need to contact our Housing Options Department for further advice.

You can:

You might need to find another place that’s cheaper to rent. You can find information on private renting on our find a home to rent with a private landlord page. Or for information on social housing, please visit our apply for social housing page.

Organisations that might be able to help you

The following organisations can help you: