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Temporary accommodation

What is temporary accommodation and who we can find it for

Who we find temporary accommodation for

We may be able to secure you temporary accommodation if:

  • you have a 'priority need' for housing
  • you need somewhere to stay straight away 

To get a place in most hostels and night shelters, you'll need a referral from us. However, there is one hostel in West Norfolk where you can just turn up in person:

  • Merchants Terrace, 92-94 London Road, King's Lynn

About temporary accommodation

If required, temporary accommodation will be found for you and your household. This may not be in our borough, depending on vacancies. We may move you to a different temporary accommodation so you have somewhere a bit more settled to stay in the meantime.

You probably won’t be able to take all your furniture to your temporary accommodation. So you'll need to arrange for this to go into storage. 

The temporary accommodation we have won't accept pets. You’ll need to arrange for your pets to be looked after someone else or an animal charity.

Finding temporary accommodation yourself

Being in our temporary accommodation doesn't give you more priority for housing than if you were staying with a family or friend. So you could consider staying with someone you know while we consider your homelessness application.

Temporary accommodation cost

You’ll have to pay for the temporary accommodation, even if you’re not working. We’ll tell you the amount you have to pay before you move in.

If needed, your Housing Options Officer can help you with any claims for:

This is part of your Personal Housing Plan. You can find out more about this on our once you've told us you're homeless page.

Being evicted

You can be evicted from temporary accommodation if you:

  • refuse an offer of suitable longer term housing
  • don't pay the rent
  • abandon the property
  • break the terms of the tenancy (for example, subletting the property or causing a nuisance to your neighbours)

If you’re evicted it will affect our decision about your homelessness application. We may not be able to make you a final offer of long term housing if we decide it was your fault you were evicted.

After we've considered your homelessness application

If we decide that we don’t have a duty to house you in the long term, you’ll have to leave the temporary accommodation and make your own arrangements. 

If we decide we do have a duty to house you: