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Homeless leaving hospital

What to do if you won't have anywhere to stay once you leave hospital

Before you leave hospital

If you think you're going to be homeless when you leave hospital, please tell the staff at the hospital as soon as you can. They'll ask their hospital discharge team to contact District Direct West who can advise on all housing matters, including homelessness.

What we'll do

Once you're referred from the hospital discharge team, we'll assess your situation.

We'll check if you have a local connection to the borough. A local connection is if you live, work or have immediate family in the borough. You can find out more information about local connection on our who can apply page.

We may offer you temporary accommodation while we assess your application.

Home adaptations

If you have a home already but it needs to be adapted, the hospital will refer you to the team that deals with disabled facilities grants. Your District Direct officer can also provide adaptation advice and assistance.