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Tell us you're moving

If you move house, it's important that you tell us as soon as possible

Moving home

If you're moving home you'll need to tell us so we can ensure your Council Tax is correct.

If you're unsure whether your address is within our borough, then you can check your postcode on MyNearest.

Please complete and submit one of the forms below. To complete either form you'll need:

  • your previous address (if in our area)
  • your Council Tax number (if you are moving from one address to another in our area)
  • your new property address including postcode
  • the date of your move
  • details of buyers, sellers or agents

Moving within or out of the borough

Use the 'Moving within or out of the borough' form if you are:

  • already paying your Council Tax to us and are moving to another address within our area
  • moving out of the area, or
  • moving to another address in the area but will no longer be liable for Council Tax, for example if you are moving in with someone as a lodger

Moving within or out of the borough

Do not use this form, if you've not been liable at your previous property. Please use the form below.

Moving to the borough

Use the 'Moving to the borough' form if you are:

  • moving into the area for the first time, or
  • already living in the area but will become liable for Council Tax for the first time, for example if you previously lived with parents
  • purchasing a second home in the area

Moving to the borough

Please note; you may also need to report your move for other council services - see our 'Other considerations' section below.

Other considerations

You may also need to consider the following:

  • you’ll need to register to vote if you’re new to the area – please visit our register to vote page
  • If you’re in receipt of Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support, you’ll need to fill in a change of circumstances – please visit our change of circumstances page. If you’ll now be liable for Council Tax when you weren’t before, and wish to apply for Council Tax Support, you’ll need to make a new claim instead – please visit our benefit page
  • If you’re moving into a new build home, or there are no bins at your new home, you’ll need to request rubbish bins – please visit our new or replacement bin page
  • If you’ve got a brown bin, please take this with you to your new property if it’s within our area. If your new home is out of our area, please leave the brown bin behind, and cancel the bin on our garden waste and composting page