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Apply for or cancel a garden waste bin

How to apply for a new or additional garden waste bin. You can also cancel or amend your existing garden waste service at the bottom of this page

Why join our scheme

You can do your bit for our local environment by joining 24,000 other homes in the brown bin garden waste scheme.

Your subscription won't start until the end of the month when your bin is delivered. This makes sure you get a full 12 months of service.

You can find out the dates for your garden waste collection, on the bins and recycling collection dates page.

The full garden waste bin terms and conditions are available here.

Garden waste bin cost

Our service costs £64.80 per year (non-refundable), payable by Direct Debit. The yearly charge will start from the day we deliver the bin.

What we will collect

  • grass and hedge clippings
  • twigs and small branches
  • cut flowers
  • windfall fruit
  • leaves
  • prunings from shrubs

What we won't collect

  • soil, or any garden waste containing soil (for example, turf, root balls, loam)
  • stones or gravel
  • seed trays or flower pots
  • kitchen or food waste
  • pet litter
  • plastic compost bags, black bags and garden plant tags

Apply for a garden waste bin

You can apply for a garden waste bin using our online form. You can now track the progress of your application through registering for our My Account service.

Registering for an account is easy and will allow you to securely access our services 24/7.

To apply for a garden waste bin, you'll need:

  • your contact details
  • a debit or credit card for payment

Apply for a garden waste bin

Apply for an additional garden waste bin

If you’re applying for a second garden waste bin you’ll need to apply for an additional bin using our additional brown bin form.

Once you've applied, we'll contact you about the pro-rata cost of adding the extra bin to your existing account.

To apply for an additional brown bin you'll need:

  • your contact details
  • your brown bin customer ID number

Apply for an additional brown bin

If you've moved to a property and there is already a garden waste bin there, you can either cancel it or keep it. If you wish to keep it, you'll need to apply and pay the fee, using our online form above. If you wish to cancel, you can do so further down this page.

What happens next?

Once we've received your form and payment, we’ll deliver your bin, usually within four weeks. As part of the application process, we'll create you an account. And we’ll send you a Direct Debit mandate for future payments.

You should put:

  • your bin out at the boundary of your property before 7am on collection day (but after 7pm the previous evening)
  • your house number or house name on your bin

Please contact us if putting your bin out is a bit of a struggle; we can help. You can find out more on our assisted collection page.

Cancel your garden waste bin or tell us about a change

If you're moving address you should take your garden waste bin with you. We won’t move your brown garden waste bin for you. Please tell us your new address using our online form below.

Please also complete the form if you’re moving out of our area and wish to cancel your garden waste bin. In this case you should not take the bin with you.

To tell us you've moved or to cancel your garden waste bin, you'll need to provide:

  • your new address
  • the reason you're cancelling (if applicable)

Cancel your garden waste bin or tell us you've moved

Change in personal details?

If you've had a name change or a change in your contact details, please let us know using our change in personal details form. We'll pass the details of your change onto any other council departments who need to know.

Future payments

If you've already got a garden waste bin, and don't pay this by Direct Debit, your yearly invoice can be paid on our online payments page.

Further information

You can't dispose of garden waste in your black bin. If you don't wish to join the brown garden waste bin scheme, you can: