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Tell us your tenant has moved

Let us know your tenant has moved in or out so we can update the Council Tax records

Has a tenant moved in or out?

If you have a property that you rent out on an assured or short assured tenancy, you need to tell us:

  • when a new tenancy starts; and/or
  • when the property becomes vacant and the tenancy ends

To tell us about a tenant move you'll need the:

  • property address including postcode
  • tenancy start or end date
  • tenant's name

Tell us your tenant has moved

What happens next?

We'll amend the Council Tax bill for your rental property with the details you provide.

If a tenant has moved in, we'll send them the Council Tax bill. You'll receive a confirmation bill that your account has closed.

If a tenant has moved out, you'll become responsible for Council Tax, and we'll send a bill to you. If the property is empty while you find a new tenant, you may qualify for a discount of up to one month.

Empty property discount

Empty and unfurnished properties can qualify for a 100% discount for one month. This applies to properties, rather than individual Council Tax payers. So if your tenant leaves before the tenancy end date, they may be awarded the discount, and you may not be entitled to all or any of the reduction. To find out more, please visit our empty properties page.