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Register to vote

Information on why you need to register, and how

How to register

To register to vote you must be:

  • aged 16 or over (but you won't be able to vote until you're 18)
  • a citizen of Great Britain, the Commonwealth, Irish Republic or a European Union member state
  • living at an address in West Norfolk

The quickest and easiest way to register to vote is online.

To register you’ll need:

Register to vote on GOV.UK

If you can't register online you can:

Check if you're already registered to vote

You can check for free if you're already on the electoral register by calling 01553 616773.

You need to register because:

  • to vote in elections and referendums you must be on the electoral register
  • you can be fined up to £80 if you don't register to vote
  • if you're not on the register, you may find it difficult getting credit for a loan, mortgage or other financial agreement

Public servants posted overseas

There are separate registration services for public servants who are likely to be posted overseas. You can register on the GOV.UK website using the links below.

Other voters

You may also be able to vote as an overseas voter, student voter, a second homeowner, or someone with no fixed address. You can find out more about the voting process by following the links below:

Have you changed address?

If you've changed address, you'll need to re-register on the GOV.UK website.

After you've registered

You'll get a letter from us within seven to ten days confirming that you're registered, or asking you for more information.

You can find out more about the electoral register on the GOV.UK website.