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Food safety documentation

Documents that can help you set up a food safety management system

Food Safety Management System

All food businesses are required by law to have a written Food Safety Management System.

The three Food Standards authorities have developed their own variation of a documented food management system. They are:

If you're a small or medium catering businesses, any one of these documents will help you meet your legal responsibility.

You can download and print the full document yourself, alternatively we can print the documents for you, please note there will be a fee. Please contact us on 01553 616200 if you would like the documents printed, and we will arrange to take payment from you.

You need to read through all sections, and complete all parts to make it relevant to your business.

If you're using techniques such as sous-vide and vacuum packing

If you're a small/medium manufacturer or caterer who are using techniques such as Sous-Vide and Vacuum Packing, your activities may be considered as higher risk. As a result the packs mentioned above will not be suitable for your business. Why not look at the Food Standards Agency - My HACCP tool. You can sign up to this for free. You can work your way through the document, and create yourself a full documented food safety system.

Further help

To help support your documented food safety system, we also have some additional pages you may wish to print. These include information on:

And our Food Safety Posters:

Specialist groups

There have been additional guides produced for the following groups:

Butchers HACCP plans

The HACCP pack has been written for butchers, and will help you comply with food safety law. It can be found at the bottom of the page. Food Standards Scotland has also produced their own document

Translated Food Safety Documents

The following documents are all available in English, but we've had them translated into the languages listed: