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Food safety and EU transition

Eu transition guidance for food businesses 

Preparing your business for the UK leaving the EU

If your business deals in food, or animal feed, your responsibility to make sure it's safe will remain a requirement of law from day one of the UK leaving the EU. For most businesses, the current requirements of food and feed law will continue to apply with no or limited changes.

EU food and animal feed safety, hygiene and labelling legislation will be converted into UK law

The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 provides that, when we leave the EU, certain directly applicable EU legislation will be converted into UK law. 

For further information, please see the Food Standards Agency website.

An update on health and identification marks

After the UK leaves the EU, changes will need to be made to the health and identification (ID) marks on certain food products of animal origin (POAO) .

Following a consultation exercise with the food industry, discussions with the European Commission, and agreement with Defra, the final design for the new health and ID marks has been agreed. This will ensure the UK continues to have the ability to export POAO to the EU. You can find further details on the Food Agency website.