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Food hygiene rating scheme

How we rate food businesses, and what the ratings mean

Food ratings

All food businesses are inspected for compliance with food safety law. After an inspection the business is rated from 0 - 5.

When we score a business we look at:

  • food hygiene and safety - how food is prepared, stored, cooked, reheated and cooled
  • structure and cleaning
  • confidence in management

We do not score a business in relation to food portion size, taste or quality.

Businesses in England are not legally required to display their ratings. You, as a consumer, have to make your own decision about visiting premises who don't display their score.

What are the ratings?

Food hygiene rating logo

5 - Very good

4 - Good

3 - Satisfactory

2 - Improvement necessary

1 - Major improvement necessary

0 - Urgent improvement necessary

Check a rating

You can take a look at the ratings yourself, on the Food Standards Agency website.

Download the app

You can also now access food hygiene ratings on the move, for free by downloading the app for iPhone or android on the Food Standards Agency website.

Don't agree with your rating?

If you don't agree with your rating you can request a revisit, appeal, or use the right to reply.

Request a revisit

To request a revisit you'll need:

  • the date of the original inspection, the date you were notified of your rating, and the rating given
  • to provide details of the improvements that you've made since the original rating

Request a re-visit

Appeal your rating

To appeal your rating, you'll need:

  • the date of your inspection
  • the date you were notified of your rating
  • the rating you were given

Appeal your rating

Information for businesses

Find out further information in our factsheets, or visit the Food Standards Agency.

Our factsheets can be found below.