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Local Plan review (2016-2036) examination

Latest Examination News (May 2024)

The Action List, [G40] (homework) raised by the Inspector during the Resumed Examination Hearing sessions in Week 3 and Week 4 has now been agreed by Borough Council and the Inspector. The responses to these Actions will be published in Examination Library following agreed deadline on 31 May 2024.

Planning Inspector has issued a Post-Hearing Letter [G38] and Post Hearing Note [G39] relating to Resumed Examination Hearing sessions held during March 2024 and April 2024.

Gypsy and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Proposed Sites and Policy consultation (May-June 2024)

The Gypsy and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Proposed Sites and Policy consultation, part of the ongoing Local Plan examination process, starts on Friday, 10 May 2024. This sets out the Council’s proposed site allocations and policies to meet the needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople in the Borough over the Plan period.

This consultation follows on from an earlier consultation (January - March 2024), the latter which aimed to gather potential options for sites and consider the suitability of these and accompanying development management policies for meeting the needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople in the Borough. You can view the summary consultation responses from the previous consultation here.

The consultation runs for 6 weeks, from 10 May - 21 June 2024 (inclusive). The consultation asks for responses to these documents:

  1. Gypsy and Traveller Proposed Sites and Policy Consultation Document (May 2024) [F93]
  2. Gypsy and Traveller Site Assessment Document (May 2024) [F94]
  3. Gypsy and Traveller Sequential and Exceptions Tests (May 2024) [F95]
  4. Updated Gypsy and Traveller Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level [F96]
  5. Gypsy and Traveller Sustainability Assessment Addendum Report (May 2024) [B11]
  6. Habitats Regulations Assessment of Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Sites [F97] 

Further explanation regarding the consultation and the ongoing Local Plan examination process is available through our FAQ document. A detailed timetable is also available through the updated Local Development Scheme.

You can access the consultation and submit your response below.

GTTS consultation form

If you, or a person you represent, would prefer to write a response you can download the consultation form as a PDF or Word document below.

You can scan and email completed forms to or post them to:

Gypsy and Travellers and Travelling Showpeople Proposed Sites and Policy Consultation
Planning Policy Team
Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
Kings Court
Chapel Street
King’s Lynn
PE30 1EX

Representations must be received by 11:59pm on Friday, 21 June 2024.

Following the close of the consultation, we will forward all duly-made representations onto the Planning Inspectors. These will be used by the Inspectors to inform the Gypsy and Traveller Hearing session scheduled to take place on 3 and 4 September 2024.

All consultation feedback will be processed in accordance with the Council’s data protection policies and submitted to the Planning Inspectors to inform the Examination.

Summary information about the progress of the Examination will be posted on the latest examination news page.

Resumed Local Plan Examination Hearings

First two Examination Hearing sessions of Local Plan Review are now complete. The Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Examination Hearings are scheduled for the following dates:

The resumed Examination Hearing is scheduled for the following dates:

  • Week 5: 3-4 September 2024

All documents for the Resumed Hearing sessions can be found in the Examination Library or using the links below:

  • View Resumed Hearing Statements under Section “K”; and supporting documents under Section “F”.
  • Inspectors Resumed Hearing Examination Guidance Note [G22];
  • Additional Schedule of Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs) for the Examination Parts 1 and 2 [G24], plus Addendum [G25] and corrections [G27]

All hearings will be held at The Small Barn, Knight’s Hill Hotel and Spa, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 3HQ. For times refer to Agendas above.

NB! With regard to the new NPPF and the transitional arrangements that will apply to this Examination, there is a footnote in the AMIQs [G24] which explains that the Local Plan will continue to be examined under 2021 NPPF. All documents will be available on this webpage at the appropriate time, in advance of the hearing sessions.

Examination Library

Examination documents are available through the Examination Library index.

As the Local Plan examination progresses, other examination documents will be added to the relevant page(s), as necessary.

Other information regarding the Local Plan Review is available on our Local Plan Review (2016 to 2036) page.

Planning Inspectors

Planning Inspectors Karen Baker DipTP MA DipMP MRTPI and Mike Hayden BSc DipTP MRTPI have been appointed by the Secretary of State, to conduct the independent Examination of the Local Plan Review. The Inspectors' task is to consider whether the Council has complied with the legal requirements in preparing the Local Plan Review and whether the submitted Plan is sound, based on the criteria set out in paragraph 35 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2021 (the Framework).

The Inspectors will take into account the representations made in response to the Regulation 19 consultation on the Plan (August September 2021), as far as they relate to soundness and legal compliance considerations. It is likely that a Hearing will take place to discuss the principal matters of soundness identified by the Inspectors, in the form of a series of informal round table discussions. Further details of any Hearing sessions will be notified and added to the website in due course.

At the end of the Examination, the Inspectors will prepare a report to the Council with precise recommendations. It is likely to include main modifications to the Plan to make it sound or legally compliant.

Programme Officer

The Programme Officer, Annette Feeney, will act as the contact for any person who has an interest in the Examination and as a liaison between the Inspectors, Council and Representors.

She is an independent Officer of the Examination and works on behalf of the Inspector to organise and manage the administrative and procedural elements of the Examination process. All examination documents will also be submitted through the Programme Officer.

Any matters that anyone wishes to raise with the Inspectors should be submitted via the Programme Officer.

Contact details:
Annette Feeney
Programme Officer c/o
Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
King’s Court Chapel Street
King’s Lynn
PE30 1EX
Mobile: 07775 771026