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£150 Council Tax Energy Rebate

The government has announced a £150 Council Tax Rebate for certain households as part of their initiative to help households with rising energy costs.

You can find more information on this rebate on the GOV.UK website along with a government leaflet:

View leaflet (PDF)

The rebate is a one-off £150 payment, usually made directly to an eligible householder’s bank account. It is not a council tax discount, and it is not linked to payment of your council tax.

Who will receive the £150 Energy Rebate?

The Energy Rebate will be paid to people whose main home is in council tax band A to D on 1 April 2022. Households who are in band E who receive Disabled Relief will also qualify.

You can find your council tax band on the front of your bill or on the GOV.UK - Council Tax bands page.

Who does not qualify for the Energy Rebate?

Households in bands E to H do not qualify for the main Energy Rebate payment, but low income or vulnerable households in these bands may be eligible under our discretionary scheme. More information on the discretionary scheme can be found below.

A property which has no permanent resident will not qualify for the Energy Rebate, so Second Homes, uninhabitable and empty properties are not eligible.

How do I claim?

If you pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, your payment will have automatically been made to this bank account wherever possible. If we have not been able to make a payment, we will have sent you a letter confirming this. If you have set up a new Direct Debit recently, you will still need to apply as a non-Direct Debit payer.

If you do not pay by Direct Debit, you will need to complete an application via our third party website.

We have decided we will automatically include discretionary payments for people classed as vulnerable so some households will receive up to £175, more than the Government promise of £150. 

Therefore, if you are in receipt of Council Tax Support, you will need to apply using the £175 Council Tax Rebate Bands A - H Receiving Council Tax Support form.

To apply for the Council Tax Energy Rebate you'll need:

  • your Council Tax property reference
  • your Council Tax account number
  • your bank details (along with a copy of your bank statement)

Apply for the Energy Rebate

When will I receive the payment?

Please allow 28 days for us to process your application before contacting us to chase your payment. We are also aware of scams relating to this rebate: please check the identity of anyone who contacts you about this.

Once we have processed your application and approved it for payment, the money should be paid into your bank account within 2-3 working days. 

It is important that you make sure you provide a bank statement with your application. The statement must show your name, address, sort code and account number. This will allow us to verify your details, prevent fraud and assess your claim as quickly as possible. Not providing this information leads to delays in processing your application and could mean that your request is denied.

Energy Rebate Discretionary Scheme 

Properties in bands A-D receiving Council Tax Support on 1 April 2022, will receive a top up to the main Energy Rebate payment meaning they will receive a payment of £175. Those in bands E-H who are receiving Council Tax Support on 1 April 2022 will also receive £175.

Households in band E-H who are eligible for the following exemptions/discounts could be eligible for £150 under the Discretionary Scheme:

All members of the household are:

  • Under 18
  • Severely Mentally Impaired
  • Students
  • Dependent relatives living in an annexe

Have a person in the household who is disregarded for Council Tax purposes due to:

  • Severely Mentally Impairment
  • Live In Carers

Properties in bands F-H receiving Disabled Band Reduction (DBR) will receive £150.

Households in the following categories could also be entitled to help under our discretionary scheme:

  • Where the council tax band is reduced to an eligible band as a result of an appeal made to the Valuation Office before 3 February 2022, and the new band is effective on 1 April 2022,
  • Households living in Houses of Multiple Occupation, where the householder is directly liable for paying their own energy from a recognised energy provider, and is named on the energy bill,
  • Those with refugee status who are an eligible household but who fall outside the main scheme criteria as they are not liable for council tax on 1 April 2022

Individual applications will be considered on an exceptional basis.

Exclusions to the discretionary scheme

Households, who are eligible for the main payment, are not eligible for the discretionary scheme unless the discretionary payment is being paid as a top up amount. Houses of Multiple Occupation where the landlord is responsible for the energy bill are also not eligible.

The full scheme can be found here.

Application’s for the both the main scheme and discretionary scheme will close on 4 September 2022.

I don’t agree with my council tax band

Please do not contact the Valuation Office Agency to challenge your band to try and become eligible for the £150.

All changes to council tax bands because of a challenge made on or after 3 February 2022 will be ignored for the Energy Rebate. Even if your band is reduced to a band D or below you will not qualify for the payment.

If you have a genuine reason to believe your property is in the wrong council tax band guidance on making a challenge is available on GOV.UK - Challenging your council tax band page.

Difficulty paying your Council Tax bill

The Energy Rebate is not a council tax discount, and it will not change the amount of council tax you have to pay.

You must continue to pay your bill according to the amounts and dates shown on your bill. If you are struggling to pay, help and advice is available on our council tax pages.

Viewing your council tax account online

You can view and manage your Council Tax account online 24/7, where you'll be able to carry out tasks such as:

  • view your balance and payment information
  • view and update your contact details
  • complete online forms to advise us if any changes should be applied
  • track the progress of your requests

More information on this service can be found on our website at