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Black bin

Find out what you can and can't put in your black bin

What you can put in your black bin

Your black bin is for general residual waste. This is waste that can't be reused or recycled, and is not hazardous.

The material you put in your bin is sent to Holland to be processed and incinerated.  

You can find out how best to dispose of a particular item, by using our recycling A to Z.

View our recycling A to Z

Black bin collections

We'll collect waste from the bin once a fortnight. To find out which day your black bin will be emptied, please visit our collection dates page.

We start our collections at 7:00am. So you must put your bin out at the boundary of your property before 7:00am, but after 7:00pm the previous evening. Please make sure it's visible to our crew.  

After your bin has been emptied, please return it back onto your property by the end of the collection day. If you leave it out on the pavement, it may become a nuisance to people in the area.

What we won't collect?

You can't put garden waste in your black bin. Please take these materials to your nearest recycling centre, or you could consider joining the garden waste collection service.

Please note: 

  • black bins must be closed when placed out for collection
  • overflowing bins and side waste will not be collected

If you have too much waste for your bin, or you live in a bagged waste area and want to dispose of garden waste, you can put this in a black sack and seal it with a pink or red tag. These cost £1.90 each and you can purchase these by using our red tag order form. The sack can then be placed with your black bin for collection.

Additional waste can also be taken to your nearest household waste recycling centre.

Order a bin

If you don't have a black bin, or you need an additional bin, you can order one on our new or replacement bins page.