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Red tags

Purchase red tags for excess waste that won't fit in your bin

Excess waste

If you're finding that your black bin is always full, you can put any extra general waste into a standard black plastic sack no bigger than 70 litres volume. You must seal each bag with a pink or red tag. These cost £2.45 each (plus £2.00 postage) and can be purchased using our red tag order form below. Bags which are too big or found to be too heavy to safely lift will not be taken.

Please put any extra black waste sacks out with your bin on collection day. We'll only remove bags that are pink or red-tagged.

To order a red tag(s) online you'll need:

  • your delivery address including postcode
  • a debit or credit card for payment

Order a red tag

Once we've received your completed form, we'll process your order. We'll send the tags in the post first class.

Further information

You can also take your extra waste to one of Norfolk County Council's household recycling centres.

There are some circumstances where we may be able to supply you with an extra black bin. We'll look at your family circumstances, or we may work with you to reduce your waste. You can find out more on our order extra bins page.