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Compost bin

How to get a compost bin and what can go in it

Organic waste

About a third of the waste we produce at home is classed as organic waste. It can easily be made into reusable, high quality compost. 

Organic waste is biodegradable. When it is buried in landfill sites it rots and produces methane gas. This gas is harmful to the environment and can lead to unpredictable explosions. However, if treated properly at home, organic items can safely be converted into nutrient-rich, reusable compost. And at very little cost to the environment or your bank balance.

To compost your waste at home, suitable low-cost containers called composters are readily available from:

  • DIY retailers
  • garden centres  

Compost bins are recycled plastic bins. They prevent odour from escaping during the composting process, as they contain a well fitted lid and hatch to remove your compost when it is ready.

Working in partnership with Straight PLC we are able to offer discounted compost bins and all the accessories that you would need. To find out more please visit the Straights Plc website.

How to use your compost bin

For the best results from your compost bin please:

  • position it in a sunny spot in your garden on well drained soil
  • loosen the soil to improve drainage and increase access for worms and bacteria
  • place a few inches of kitchen waste on the soil at the bottom of the bin to attract worms and bacteria - it also increases the speed that the compost is formed
  • layer the organic waste with different material between six and 12 cm deep
  • always always put the lid on your compost bin
  • make sure that the compost does not dry out
  • turn the material regularly, this also speeds up the decomposition process
  • include grass cuttings or vegetarian animal manure as they heat up easily (however, they should be mixed into the other organic waste to avoid slime formation)

What you can compost

You can compost almost anything that is organic into your bin. This includes:

  • fruit and vegetable scraps
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • crushed egg shells
  • grass cuttings, prunings and leaves
  • small amounts of shredded paper and soft cardboard
  • animal hair
  • vacuum dust (only if you have woollen carpets)

What you can't compost

The following items should not be put into your composter:

  • cat or dog excrement
  • meat, cheeses and fish (these can go in your food waste bin)
  • disposable nappies
  • shiny card
  • hard objects