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Bagged areas

Information about properties with communal bins and black bin bags

Communal bins

Some properties in our area are not supplied with wheelie bins. Instead they have communal bins used by a group of properties, or dispose of their waste and recycling in bin bags. The areas where bin bags are used, are referred to as 'bagged areas'.

Please check our collections date page to find out when and where we'll collect your waste.

People in communal or bagged areas (with a few exceptions*) can also take part in the food waste recycling scheme. You should have a grey food waste bin and kitchen caddy. For more information please see our food waste bin page.

*Although many communal facilities have a food waste bin, there are currently a few which do not.

Bagged areas

If you live in a 'bagged area' you should use black bin bags to dispose of your household waste. We'll supply you with clear bags for recycling.

When you need a new roll of recycling bags, please order these using our online form. Or you can simply fasten a blue tag (provided) around your next recycling bags when you place them out for collection.

On collection day, please leave your bags at the front of your property (usually at the point that it meets the highway). Please ensure that they are:

  • visible and accessible for crews
  • in position by 7am on collection day
  • do not cause an obstruction to the public

Any bags placed out incorrectly (for example, in alleyways or on the wrong days) can be considered as fly-tipping, and we may consider enforcement action. For further information, please visit our fly-tipping page.

Waste is collected each week from bagged areas, and recycling is collected once a fortnight.

You can put the same materials in your clear recycling sacks as those that can be put into the green bins. See our green bin page for information.  

Please do not overfill sacks, as they can split, making it impossible for the crews to collect them. Please do not place broken or smashed glass into your recycling sack.