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Custom and self-build action plan

How we intend to help self-build and custom build housing in the borough 

About self-build and custom house building

Custom and self-build (CSB) homes are those where an individual or group either:

  • build the home themselves, or
  • work with a developer to deliver the home they'll live in

To find out more about CSB or to join the custom-build register, please visit our custom and self-build housing page.

CSB house building has recently received increased Government attention in the face of meeting the need for housing in England.

We recognise that CSB housing developments in the borough:

  • offer an important potential route to home ownership
  • can help ensure that home owners have a home they truly desire and can be proud of

We've created an action plan that outlines the steps we'll take to:

  • positively influence or help secure development opportunities
  • support individuals or organisations to deliver high quality CSB house building

Our action plan

Some of the steps in the plan include:

  • introducing a new policy to allow for small scale development to take place outside of development boundaries (in areas reasonably related to the relevant settlement)
  • offering support for the owners and developers who wish to bring forward their sites for CSB purposes
  • exploring options for securing the development of CSB housing on sites, large, medium and small
  • supporting neighbourhood plans which encourage CSB opportunities
  • engaging more with customers interested in CSB house building

View our CSB action plan

The demand for custom and self-build

In order to access the demand within the borough for CSB, we've commissioned and published the following report:

We also keep data on the demand for custom and self-build housing. You can find out more on our register data page.