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Custom and self-build register data

About the register

The custom and self-build register is a register of people who are interested in custom or self-build projects in the borough. Keeping this register helps us understand the level of demand for custom and self-build plots. It will help us develop a strategy for matching people to plots in the area. To find out more, or to join the register, please visit our building or organising the build of your own home page.

Custom and self-build register data

Below is the data we hold about the register, including how many people are on it, and the number of permissions granted.


  What is the total number of individuals on the register as of September 2018?

  • 132 individuals.

  How many of these registered in the base periods?

Custom Build Register by Base Period date
Base periodApplicants
Base period 1
01 April 2016 to 30 October 2016
Base period 2
31 October 2016 to 30 October 2017
After base periods
31 October 2017 to date

  How many groups registered?

  • No groups.

  How many applicants reside in the borough?

  • 29 applicants. The remainder mainly reside elsewhere in Norfolk.

  How many state they have a connection to the borough? For example: residence, family, employment etc

  • 57 applicants.


  Applicants by plot size

Applicants by plot size
Plot sizeApplicants
Not stated2
Under 200m²11
200m² to 500m²38
500m² to 750m²18
750m² to 1000m²19
1000m² to 2000m²23
Over 2000m²21
Grand total132

  Size of home and number of bedrooms

Size of home and number of bedrooms
Size of home1 bed2 bed3 bed4 bed5 bed6+ bedTotal
Under 100m²136   10
100m²-150m²112166  35
150m²-200m² 626161 49
200m² -250m²  11142 27
Over 250m²  262111
Grand total221614251132

  Applicants by type of property

Applicants by type of property
Type of propertyApplicants
Detached bungalow62
Detached house100
Semi-detached bungalow5
Semi-detached house9
Terrace house6

  Applicants by type of serviced plot

Applicants by type of serviced plot
Type of serviced plotApplicants
A plot that is part of a new build housing development24
A plot within a group of custom build plots53
A single plot121
Grand total198

  How many households have stated that they would be interested in building anywhere in the borough?

  • 112 households.

  How many households have stated that they would be interested in working with a group to build/commission their home?

  • 70 households.


  Budgets for plot-only

Budgets for plot-only
Budget rangeApplicants
Under £75,00028
£75,000 - £100,00028
£100,000 - £125,00018
£125,000 - £150,00025
£150,000 and over33
Grand total132

  Budgets for plot and build

Budgets for plot and build
Budget rangeApplicants
Under £150,00022
£150,000 - £250,00040
£250,000 - £350,00027
£350,000 - £500,00030
£500,000 and over13
Grand total132

Permissions granted

  How many permissions have been granted for serviced plots that could be used for custom and self-build?

Applicants by type of serviced plot

* The council granted permission for 170 serviced plots between 31/10/16 and 30/10/17 (base period 2)