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Claim Second Adult Rebate

What is second adult rebate, who can claim and how to make a claim

What is Second Adult Rebate?

Second Adult Rebate is a form of Council Tax Support. Single people in a household are awarded a 25% discount off their Council Tax bill. If you do not receive this discount because a dependant adult is resident in your home, you may be entitled to Second Adult Rebate.

Who can claim

You can claim Second Adult Rebate if you have another adult living with you who:

  • is not jointly liable for the Council Tax
  • does not qualify for any other Council Tax discount
  • does not pay rent to you

In practice this is most likely to be a grown up child still living in the family home.

Who can't claim

You won't be able to claim if you are married or have a partner.

Please note pre-April 2024 we have different rules for working age claims that may affect your entitlement before that period.

How to claim

To make a claim you'll need:

  • your National Insurance number

and for the adult(s) living with you:

  • their National Insurance number
  • their income and savings

Make a claim for Second Adult Rebate

We will make a decision on your claim when we have all the evidence we need. We will contact you if we need further information.

When a decision has been made you will receive a letter to confirm the outcome.

What you'll get

If you are entitled you will receive up to 25% off your Council Tax bill. The actual figure will depend on the income of the adult(s) living with you.

We will send you a letter to confirm:

  • if you are entitled and from what date
  • how much we have awarded you

You will also receive a revised Council Tax bill. Your amended instalments will be shown on the bottom of the bill.