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Order recycling sacks

Order clear recycling sacks if you're in a bagged waste area

Who can order clear recycling sacks?

If you live in a bagged waste area (you don't have wheelie bins), you'll be issued with clear recycling sacks for your recycling. When you're running out, please order some more using our online form below.

You can put the same materials in your clear recycling sacks as those that can be put into the green bins. See our green bin page for information.  

If you're in a wheelie bin collection area we can't issue you recycling sacks. Instead, you'll have a green recycling bin. You can order a green bin on our new or additional bin page.

Order clear recycling sacks

You can request a further supply of recycling sacks using our online form. You'll need:

  • to be a resident who lives in a bagged waste area (we don't offer clear recycling sacks to householders with wheelie bins or to traders with trade waste)
  • your address details
  • your contact details

Order clear recycling sacks

What happens next

Once we've received your request please allow seven working days for delivery of the sacks.