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West Norfolk Investment Plan

The West Norfolk Investment Plan was developed to guide the effective localised delivery of UK Shared Prosperity Funding across King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

Evidence and analysis of local opportunities and challenges were collated, and stakeholder engagement was undertaken, to identify valuable priorities for investment across West Norfolk. These are summarised in the following diagram.

WNSPF investment plan

Our evidence base and rational priorities for King's Lynn & West Norfolk can be seen in the UKSPF Investment Plan.

West Norfolk Investment Plan

UK Shared Prosperity Funding aims to benefit the whole borough by spreading opportunities to create a sense of community, pride and belonging. This map shows the range of eligible areas.

The priorities from the West Norfolk Investment Plan are aligned with the three investment priority areas for UK Shared Prosperity Funding:

  • Communities and place
  • Local Business
  • People and Skills

Each of these areas has and will continue to be used as a framework for local investment, aligning directly back to local priorities within the West Norfolk Investment Plan. The diagram below indicates the Intervention areas for UKSPF investment for West Norfolk:

Wnspf inervention areas

What could the local benefits of UKSPF investment be?

  • Organisations receiving non-financial support
  • Local events or activities supported
  • Volunteering opportunities supported & created
  • Feasibility studies supported
  • Increased footfall
  • Increased visitor numbers
  • Increase in visitor spending
  • Energy efficiency measures
  • Carbon dioxide equivalent reductions
  • Improved perception of facilities
  • Entrepreneurs provided assistance to be enterprise ready
  • Tourism, Culture or heritage assets created or improved
  • Jobs created
  • Jobs safeguarded
  • New enterprises created as a result of support
  • Enterprises supported
  • Enterprises with improved productivity