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Polling district schedule

How we review our polling districts and polling places

Polling districts and places review

Every four years we must complete a review of our polling districts and polling places, as set out under the Electoral Administration Act 2006.

The purpose of the review is to make sure that all electors have reasonable facilities for voting.

During the review, any elector within the borough may make a representation in relation to the:

  • size and boundaries of polling districts
  • location and suitability of polling places

We also welcome comments or representations from:

  • any councillors in the area
  • past or potential candidates
  • local political parties
  • any person or organisation with expertise in access for people with any type of disability

You can find our review schedule, and the results from the most recent view at the bottom of this page.

If you would prefer to view any of the documents, or associated correspondence, you can do so at our King's Lynn office during our normal office hours.