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Annual canvass

The annual canvass has now started

If we hold an email contact, you will have received an email from us. Please make sure that you respond to ensure we have the correct details on the electoral register.

Please visit and follow the instructions provided on the email.

If we do not hold an email contact, paper forms will be dispatched in August.

What happens if we don’t hold an email address?

If we do not hold an email contact, paper forms will be dispatched later in August.

What is the annual canvass?

To ensure we hold the correct details on our electoral register, we undertake an annual canvass of the borough each year. This is during the summer and autumn months.

The annual canvass is undertaken every year and is prescribed by law. You're not automatically registered by paying Council Tax or by adding your names to the Household Enquiry Form.

What happens next?

If you confirm there are no changes, we won't write to you again as part of the annual canvass.

If you've made any changes to the Household Enquiry Form, for example, added new people, each of these individuals will receive an invitation to register. They must complete this in order to be registered.