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Polling District Review - 2023

How we review our polling districts and polling places

Polling districts and places review

Every five years, the Borough Council must conduct a review of our polling districts and polling places, as set out under the Electoral Administration Act 2006.

The aim of the review is to ensure that:

  • all electors have such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances
  • as far as is reasonable and practicable every polling place is accessible to all electors who are disabled


  • A ‘Polling District’ is a geographical electoral area into which Borough Wards, County Divisions may be sub-divided. In areas with parishes, each parish may consist of whole polling districts.
  • A 'Polling Place' is an area or building in which a Polling Station is located and can be a complete Polling District.
  • A 'Polling Station' is an area within the Polling Place where voting takes place, e.g. a room in a community centre.

Polling Districts can be created as an electoral requirement but also as a means to provide a more conveniently located Polling Station for the electorate.

How to take part?

You can submit comments on your current polling districts, polling places and polling stations from Monday 16 October 2023.

The deadline to submit comments is before midnight on Friday 24 November 2023.

The Borough Council welcomes views or comments from any elector and any persons or bodies with expertise in access to premises or facilities for persons with any type of disability. Comments may relate to existing polling districts and polling places or any proposed polling districts or polling places.

You can make comments (representations) by either writing to us at: Electoral Services, King’s Court, Chapel Street, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 1EX.

Or you can e-mail us at:

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