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Housing Delivery Test (HDT) Action Plan

View our Housing Delivery Test (HDT) Action Plan which details how we'll help deliver new homes in our area


Government, through changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Planning Practice Guidance (PPG), have introduced a new test for Local Planning Authorities (LPA’s).

This is a part of a range of measures they're doing to help them achieve their ambition for:

  • 300,000 new homes to be built every year in England by the mid 2020’s

This new test is called the Housing Delivery Test (HDT).

The HDT measures how many new homes we've delivered over a three year period against how many new homes we should have delivered.

We're expecting the results of the HDT to be published in November each year by Government. But the 2018 results were actually published in February 2019. The result is expressed as a percentage.   

The results govern:

  • the actions or measures we're required to take, or
  • the penalties we face

For 2018 this is as follows:

What does a Local Authority need to provide depending on their HDT result
HDT percentage Action an LPA must take
95% or over (a pass) No action required
Between 85% and 95% An action plan must be prepared
Between 25% and 85%
  • An action plan must be prepared
  • A buffer of 20% should be added to the five year housing land supply of the authority
Below 25%

Moving forward, the threshold for when the presumption* is engaged will rise to:

  • 45% for 2019
  • 75% for 2020 onwards

An LPA won't be able to change their HDT result during the year. The next opportunity to change their result will be when the following years results are published. 

HDT Action Plan

Our HDT result for 2018 is 91%. So we need to prepare an action plan.

Our action plan explores:

  • National and local contexts
  • our current housing land supply position
  • past housing delivery


  • outlines the many proactive measure we're currently taking to ensure new homes are delivered
  • provides a detailed analysis of the latest housing trajectory schedule and other data sources

Based upon the above, we set out a series of appropriate actions necessary to increase both supply and delivery of new homes in the future.

View HDT Action Plan

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