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Service disruption - Waste collections

Find out about the disruption to waste collection services this week

Service disruption

Due to the snow and poor weather conditions, there were no bin collections on the 28 February and 1 March. Please see below for the latest collection date information.

Service disruption - We're resuming collections

We’re resuming bin collections in all areas, but it will take us some time to catch up. On Monday 5 March we’ll be collecting in areas we would have collected on Wednesday 28 February and Thursday 1 March.

From Tuesday 6 March we’ll be collecting everywhere, two days later than normal. Collections on the week starting on Monday 12 March will be collected one day later than normal.

Usual collection day New collection day
Wednesday 7 March Friday 9 March
Thursday 8 March Saturday 10 March
Friday 9 March Monday 12 March
Monday 12 March Tuesday 13 March
Tuesday 13 March Wednesday 14 March
Wednesday 14 March Thursday 15 March
Thursday 15 March Friday 16 March
Friday 16 March Saturday 17 March

Isolated rural locations

There are about 500 properties that are served individually. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to catch up on missed collections in these areas. Waste or recycling will be collected on the next scheduled collection date. Side waste will be accepted. Anyone requiring recycling sacks can request them by contacting 01553 776676.

We will update this information with round lists as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Garden waste

We’ve resumed collections of garden waste. The only collections missed were the following scheduled dates:

  • Wednesday 28 February
  • Thursday 1 March
  • Friday 2 March

If your collection date was one that was missed, we can provide you with extra compostable garden waste sacks if you need them. To request the sacks, please email us, or call us on 01553 616200.

Clinical waste

Our clinical waste service didn't operate on 2 March. We'll collect your waste as soon as weather permits.

Service disruption - all areas

Because of the cold weather this week, we may not be able to empty your food waste or garden waste bins if the contents are frozen to the sides. If we try to loosen the waste by hitting the sides of the bin, we risk breaking it.

If we leave your bin without emptying it, please following our instructions below:

Garden waste bin

If we've been unable to empty your bin, we can give you some garden waste sacks for your excess waste. On your next scheduled collection date, please put the extra garden waste sacks out for collection alongside your bin. To request the sacks, please email us, or call us on 01553 616200.

Food waste bin

If we've been unable to empty your food caddy, please continue to use your caddy as normal. Once it's full, please double bag this weeks food waste and put it next to the bin on your next scheduled collection date.