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How the Planning Inspectorate carries out an examination of the Local Plan

The Planning Inspector

The Secretary of State has appointed David Hogger BA MSc MRTPI MCIHT as the Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate to carry out an independent examination of the Local Plan.

His task is to establish whether the Local Plan is 'sound'.

He has taken into consideration representations made during public consultation on the Proposed Submission Local Plan between 12 January 2015 and 23 February 2015.  

He is responsible for reporting on his findings, and advising us if changes are needed to make the Local Plan sound.

Submission Documents

The documents submitted as parted of the examination can be found on our submission documents page.

Inspectors preliminary findings

Following the submission of our proposed document to the Inspector, he has written to us with his preliminary findings.  In his letter he says the following:

"This note is without prejudice to any final Report that I may prepare but based on the evidence that I have read and heard I consider there are a number of shortcomings in the document, relating to soundness, which the Council should address through the agreement of Main Modifications (MMs).

They all relate to issues that were discussed at the Hearings and are summarised in the table below. In circumstances where new supporting text is proposed (as part of an MM) I will leave it to the Council to decide precisely where within the relevant section it should be located.

Some MMs will result in amendments having to be made to the Policies Map/Inset Maps and these changes should be included in any consultation documents."

You can find the full inspectors report below, along with all relevant inspectors documents.

Inspector’s Report into the Examination

We have now received the Report into the Examination of the SADMP from the Inspector David Hogger. The Report and the Appendix giving the Main Modifications are available below to download.

A report proposing the adoption of the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan (SADMP) with the Main Modifications outlined by the Inspector was presented to the Cabinet on 7 September 2016. The Borough Council at its meeting on 29 September 2016 resolved to adopt the SADMP, with the Main Modifications, as per his report. 

Following this, we will prepare the consolidated version of the SADMP. We’ll publish this together with the relevant supporting documents as given in Regulations 26 and 35 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

View our SADMP final report

View our SADMP final main modification schedule