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Consultation - SADMPD

Information about the consultation for the Site Allocations and Development Management (SADMPD) policy

When was the consultation?

We have proposed modifications to the The Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Document (SADMPD). The consultation was open for a period of six weeks from Wednesday 6 April 2016 to Wednesday 18 May 2016. 

Why are we proposing modifications?

The Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Document (SADMPD) will be a key part of our Local Plan, if adopted.

At the moment it is undergoing an independent examination to decide whether the Plan is justified, effective and legally compliant.   

During the examination, the inspector raised a number of issues with the plan. We want to tackle these through a number of main modifications to the submitted plan.

These modifications are put forward to change any parts of the plan which may lead to it being found unsound or not legally compliant.

Proposing modifications is the final chance for us to correct any issues identified with the plan.

You can find our index of proposed modifications at the bottom of the page.

About the consultation

The consultation was:

What are main modifications?

Main modifications are those that materially affect the policies in the submitted Local Plan, which are required to ensure that the Plan is 'sound' and 'legally compliant'.

What are minor modifications? 

Modifications are considered to be minor where they will not impact upon the intent or interpretation of the Plan, or go to the heart of whether the plan is 'sound' or not. The minor modifications include changes such as typing mistakes and factual updates.

We have not conducted a full consultation on the minor modifications.

How will the comments be used?

All comments will be taken into account by the inspector. They will help him to decide if the plan, once modified, is sound and legally compliant.

The inspector may consider further hearing sessions for the Proposed Main Modifications after the consultation, but in most cases, written comments are enough to tell the inspector of the issues.

Data protection

The consultation comments will:

  • be published online in full
  • any signatures and contact information will be hidden
  • information you submit will only be used in reference to the Local Plan

Why can't I comment on the whole plan?

The Inspector already has copies of all the comments made about the Plan at the previous submission stage (published in January 2015).  He will consider these comments when writing his report. Therefore, there is no need to repeat a consultation on the whole Plan.

Where can I view the proposed modifications?

We have produced 3 documents which are available to view online as supporting documents.

Document Stages

The stages of consultation and plan modification are as follows: