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The studies we do to assess the potential impact of the Major Housing Project schemes

Specialist scientific assessments

We'll carry out a number of specialist scientific assessments to assess the potential impact of any proposals. These assessments are in the areas outlined below.  


Where appropriate an archaeologist will be tasked to carry out an assessment of potential heritage assets. All works carried out will be fully recorded and overseen in line with industry standards. 

Air quality

As a borough council, we carry out air quality monitoring on an ongoing basis in various locations throughout the borough. When a site is identified for development, air quality assessments specific to that site will be commissioned as appropriate.


A number of habitat and species-specific surveys are carried out onsite. We summarise these in an ecological report. We submit this with the planning application. 

Studies will cover things like reptiles, amphibians, birds, bats and water voles. Where necessary, mitigation strategies will be recommended. And they will be implemented, as appropriate, before and during the works.

Geology and soils

Ground surveys are carried out to:

  • assess the soils
  • assess the load-bearing capacity of the underlying ground to accept the structures to be built on it
  • inform the depth of the foundations required

We then submit the geo technical and geo environmental assessments with the planning application.


An acoustic assessment may be carried out to consider the noise impact of any scheme. Whilst any nearby properties will possibly be affected in the short term during the construction works, mitigation measures will be put in place.

Water and flood risk

Considerable regard is given to the potential implications for both fluvial and tidal flooding, and the mitigation required to avoid this. Our schemes usually include improvements to the overall drainage provision. So the area will have greater flood protection than at present.


Arboriculture surveys are carried out to assess the value of the trees and hedgerows on a proposed site. This ensures that:

  • as many trees are retained as possible
  • measures are put in place to protect those closest to the works

The findings and recommendations of these surveys will be taken into account, and further surveys will be carried out where necessary. Where tree felling is deemed necessary, mitigation plans will be formulated and put into place.

Green space

Depending on the site and its proximity to existing greenspace, each of our sites will be developed to meet obligations to provide:

  • Local Areas of Play (LAP)
  • Local Equipped Areas of Play (LEAP)
  • Neighbourhood Equipped Areas of Play (NEAP)

In some cases we may upgrade an existing provision rather than building a new area close by.