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Project background

Information about the study that led to the proposals for a major housing scheme

The development of the project

In 2012 we recognised that low values and challenging ground conditions were deterring both local and national builders from house building in west Norfolk. We therefore decided to utilise land held (or purchased) by us to build new homes. This helped us meet the Government’s National Housing Strategy. It also enabled us to:

  • help those in our community with different housing needs
  • support local employment, including apprenticeships

In 2015 the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk entered into a Major Housing Programme with Lovell Partnerships Ltd (New Build Homes | New Housing Developments | Lovell Homes) to build up to 600 new homes across four sites in the Lynnsport and Marsh Lane areas. This developed further and proposals now mean we can deliver up to 1000 homes in the local area.

In addition to new housing, the project has provided funding to enhance sports facilities at Lynnsport, including new hockey pitches, additional car parking and tennis courts. Before any new housing was built improvements were made to the drainage system locally and a new link road constructed connecting the town centre to a main road into and out of the town.

The new houses use modern methods of construction. They adopt higher standards of design, quality and utilise environmentally-friendly materials to reduce the consumption of resources in new homes. This will set the standards for other developments to follow.

Timetable of events

We have now moved forward with planning applications for other sites which are all at various stages; Parkway in Gaywood, Nar Valley Park 4 in South Lynn, Salters Road and Lynnsport 1 in North Lynn, along with potentially 3 other sites in Hunstanton.

Each housing site link will take you to a project page, detailing the plans for that particular site. If houses are currently for sale on any of the sites, details will be outlined within the relevant individual page.

Housing site Planning reference Planning application
submission date
Date permission granted Date on site Date sales start
Parkway 21/01873/FM September 2021 29 March 2022 August 2023 Summer 2024
Salters Road 20/01957/FM August 2020 July 2021 August 2021 N/A
Southend Road - Hunstanton 21/00243/FM February 2021 April 2021 Summer 2022 Spring 2024
Lynnsport 1 21/00855/FM June 2021 9 May 2022 Summer 2024 TBC
Marsh Lane 15/00828/FM May 2015 21 January 2016 April 2016 Completed
Lynnsport 3 16/00097/FM January 2016 22 November 2016 April 2019 Completed
Lynnsport 4/5 16/01327/FM June 2016 26 January 2017 September 2017 Completed
Nar Valley Park 1 12/01210/RMM 8 August 2012 6 November 2012 June 2015 Completed
Nar Valley Park 2 14/01199/RMM 20 August 2016 4 December 2016 - Completed
Nar Valley Park 3 16/00863/RMM 5 May 2016 6 October 2016 September 2017 Completed
Nar Valley Park 4 20/00757/FM May 2020 9 September 2020 October 2020 Completed