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Project background

Information about the study that led to the proposals for a major housing scheme

Marsh Lane

Marsh Lane was allocated for housing in the 1960s on the King’s Lynn Town Map.  Much of the area was developed in the 60s, 70 and 80s. A lot of land was left undeveloped and it was proposed for housing in the 1991 King’s Lynn Area Local Plan (draft). In the 1998 Local Plan (adopted) 8.9 hectares were allocated for housing. The current proposed allocation for housing takes forward the remaining undeveloped area of around 5 hectares.


In 2009, a feasibility and masterplan study of the Lynnsport Leisure complex and the surrounding area was carried out by Atkins. The aim of this study was to:

  • enhance the role of the centre as a regional sporting venue
  • provide a range of sports facilities all on one site
  • make the best use of underused and vacant land in the vicinity
  • create an attractive and high quality environment

This study led us to agree in October 2012 to the development of proposals for a major housing scheme in the area. A scheme which would not only see the construction of much-needed housing, but would also provide funding to help enhance the facilities at Lynnsport, with:

  • new pitches
  • additional car parking
  • new tennis courts 

A new road would also be built, giving better access to the sports centre as well as improving access to the housing in the area, and facilitating the new development.

The current scheme

The proposals originally involved the provision of around 550 new homes across 6 development sites, known as Marsh Lane, and Lynnsport 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (see the original plan at the bottom of this page). Following public consultation, the area known as Lynnsport 2 was removed from the proposal and officers have been instructed to look at how this area of sports pitches and public open space can be protected from development in the future. The current proposals comprise 399 homes across 5 development sites – Marsh Lane and Lynnsport 1, 3, 4 and 5 (see revised plan at the bottom of this page).

In October 2014, following a tender exercise, national housing developer Lovell was appointed as the preferred bidder –a decision that was confirmed by Full Council on 30 October 2014. Lovell has a strong record of achievement in building successful, high-quality, mixed-tenure housing developments. And creating a lasting legacy of benefits in local neighbourhoods, through investment in local economies and support for community organisations.

Project cost

We are proposing to spend over £5.2m up front on infrastructure improvements, to facilitate the development. 

This will be funded initially with a £1m grant for the road, with the remainder being borrowed. These sums will be repaid from proceeds from the sale of the housing.

On current costings, once all the development is complete, there will be a surplus of income over costs.