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Project background

Information about the study that led to the proposals for a major housing scheme

The development of the project

In 2012 we recognised that low values and challenging ground conditions were deterring both local and national builders from house building in west Norfolk. So we decided to utilise land held (or purchased) by us to build new homes. This helped us meet the Government’s National Housing Strategy. It also enabled us to:

  • help those in our community with different housing needs
  • support local employment, including apprenticeships

The original proposals involved the provision of around 670 homes across seven sites. Changes to these proposals now mean that over 530 homes will be delivered across six sites with the seventh site now being a Fields in Trust site.

The new houses use modern methods of construction. They adopt higher standards of design quality, and utilise environmentally-friendly materials to reduce the consumption of resources in new homes. This will set the standards for other developments to follow. It demonstrates that more exacting standards are achievable regardless of geographic location.

Nar Valley Park

Since 2015, 162 new homes have been built on the land at Nar Ouse, known as 'Nar Valley Park'.

All phases were designed by NPS Property Consultants Ltd. Phases 1 and 2 were built by RG Carter, and Phase 3 by Lovell Homes (Lovell).

Phase 1

This phase was built by RG Carter Ltd. They completed on site June 2015 with all properties apart from two completing by the end of that year. The remaining two properties sold the following year.

Phase 2

Again this phase was built by RG Carter Ltd. They completed on site February 2017, leading to another successful year of selling properties on Nar Valley Park.

Phase 3

Lovell began building Phase 3 in September 2017. All houses were complete by May 2019.

In building this development, we achieved several aims, including:

  • minimising resource consumption
  • maximising design quality
  • improving construction quality and efficiency
  • increasing social inclusion and participation
  • improving quality of life
  • achieving long-term economic viability

Marsh Lane

Marsh Lane was allocated for housing in the 1960s on the King’s Lynn Town Map. Although much of the area was developed in the 60s, 70 and 80s, a lot of land was left undeveloped. This land was proposed for housing in the 1991 King’s Lynn Area Local Plan (draft). In the 1998 Local Plan (adopted) 8.9 hectares were allocated for housing. Following this development, there now remains an undeveloped area of around five hectares.


In 2009, a feasibility and masterplan study of the Lynnsport Leisure complex and the surrounding area was carried out by Atkins. This study led us to agree, in October 2012, to the development of a major housing scheme in the area (eventually split into three developments). The scheme has enhanced the facilities at Lynnsport and enabled the construction of Lynnsport Way, the road linking Edward Benefer Way to Greenpark Avenue.

Further sites

We have now moved forward with planning applications submitted for Parkway in Gaywood and Nar Valley Park 4 which can be found on our Project Timetable page. Please feel free to have a look at the documents and comment on the proposals by following the links on the page.