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Hunstanton Coastal Management Plan

Find out about the Coastal Management Plan (CMP) we're developing for Hunstanton

What is a CMP?

A Coastal Management Plan (CMP) is a plan for managing a coastline at a local level for the purposes of Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management.

Hunstanton needs a CMP to help us decide the best way to:

  • maintain the protection provided by the promenade (and its associated defences)
  • reduce the rate of erosion of the Hunstanton cliffs

The budget for the CMP is £80,000, and we are funding £20,000 of this. We've made a successful bid for the remaining £60,000. It will come from Government funding; the Regional Flood & Coastal Committee (RFCC) Local Levy.

The CMP will be part of a strategy to manage risk to Hunstanton’s coastline that includes two other plans:

  • the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP)
  • the Wash East Coastal Management Strategy (WECMS)

You can find out more about these plans on the Wash East Coastal Management Strategy page.

Who will prepare the CMP?

The CMP will be prepared by AECOM consultants. There'll be input from the Wash East Coastal Management Strategy (WECMS) Stakeholder Forum. The members of this are:

  • Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk (Chair)
  • Snettisham Parish Council
  • Heacham Parish Council
  • Hunstanton Town Council
  • Norfolk County Council
  • Environment Agency (EA)
  • Regional Flood & Coastal Committee (RFCC)
  • RSPB
  • National Farmers Union
  • East Wash Coastal Management Community Interest Company
  • Heacham South Beach Owners Association
  • Heacham North Beach Owners Association
  • Natural England
  • Marine Management Organisation
  • Hunstanton Cliff Top Residents Association
  • Country Land and Business Association
  • Hunstanton and District Chamber of Trade
  • Historic England
  • Norfolk Historic Environment Service
  • King’s Lynn Internal Drainage Board
  • Anglian Water Services

Previous stage

You can view the interim report and appendices below:

Current stage

You can view the Option Appraisal Report below:

View Option Appraisal Report

And you can view the information from public drop-ins:

Timeline for the CMP project

Coastal Management Plan project timeline
Date Milestone
August 2017 Selection of AECOM as the consultant to complete the Hunstanton Coastal Management Plan
September/October 2017

AECOM start background work. This includes:

  • initial site walkover
  • a review of existing data
  • an update of existing condition assessment
November 2017

AECOM continue to complete background work including:

  • initial economic assessment (base case)
  • overview of coastal processes and erosion
December 2017
  • issue and review of interim report and long-list options by Project Team
  • Options Workshop number one (identifying short-listed options)
  • give update to borough council senior management
January - February 2018
  • Project Team review feedback from Stakeholder Forum
  • development of shortlisted options
  • commence full economic appraisal
February 2018
  • Project Team to review shortlisted option development
  • second Stakeholder Forum consultation
  • first public drop-in consultation
  • Project Team review feedback from stakeholders and public consultation
  • Options Workshop number two (preferred option selection)
April 2018
  • third Stakeholder Forum consultation
  • second public drop-in consultation

April - May 2018

Project Team finalise:

  • Options Appraisal Report
  • Management Plan (MP)
  • Develop Outline Business Case (OBC)
May - June 2018 Present finalised MP and OBC to senior management
June onwards 2018 Submit CMP and potential OBC for consideration by relevant approval authority

Further information

If you need to speak to us about the Hunstanton Coastal Management Plan, you can contact us at any time by email.