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Heritage Action Zone

Information about the Heritage Action Zone programme

In 2017 King’s Lynn was designated Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) status by Historic England. HAZ status means Historic England will work with us, providing training and access to grant funding.

We will identify sites and buildings with development potential and historic importance and ensure that refurbishment or new development reflects the local character. We will look creatively at new economic uses for underused historic buildings.

King’s Lynn has been chosen as one of the first 10 Heritage Action Zones by Historic England, the driving force behind this nationwide project to breathe new life into neglected historic buildings and sites and encourage regeneration in areas that are rich in uncelebrated heritage.

Over the five year programme, the project will research the history of key sites in King’s Lynn, identify the most important historic buildings and areas, encourage the development of well-designed homes reinforcing the character of the town, find new uses for underutilised space in the town and provide a programme of community events to get people involved in caring for and enjoying the town’s heritage.

Online talks about Lynn's listed buildings and archaeological digs

In December, we joined forces with Historic England to host an online talk on the subject of Lynn’s listed buildings.

Steven King (Conservation Officer) and Abigail Rawlings (Heritage Action Zone Programme Manager) were joined by Elíse McGuane and Gareth Lopes Powell from Historic England to talk about Lynn’s Listed buildings, the decision behind them and how the public can help Enrich the List.

This free online talk was given as part of the Heritage Action Zone Programme and you can watch the recording below.

In February 2022, Dr Richard Hogget gave an online talk on King’s Lynn’s Urban Archaeological Database, a project to record the findings of archaeological digs in King’s Lynn.

This free online talk was given as part of the Heritage Action Zone Programme and you can watch the recording below.

Unlocking Brownfield sites

AR Urbanism and the consultant team were appointed in 2019 by us in conjunction with Historic England to assess seven strategic brownfield sites within King’s Lynn town centre in the context of our regeneration plans and the Heritage Action Zone Delivery plan.

The study was focussed on ‘unlocking’ the potential of these sites to provide viable and high quality development, particularly residential development, which enhances the town centre’s heritage context and supports the future prosperity of the town centre and wider King’s Lynn area.

This report was only intended to show possibilities of brownfield sites within the town, and should not be taken as an indication or plan for future development.

View Unlocking Brownfield site report

King's Lynn Urban Archaeological Database Project Report

This report presents the results of the King’s Lynn Urban Archaeological Database project which was delivered by Alice Cattermole Heritage Consultancy between March 2018 and March 2022. Undertaken as part of the wider King’s Lynn Heritage Action Zone (HAZ), the project has resulted in the creation within the existing Norfolk Historic Environment Record (HER) of an Urban Archaeological Database (UAD) for the town and its surrounding area.

The new UAD captures our knowledge of the buried archaeology and built heritage of the area, providing a historic environment management tool which can be used to inform planning decision-making and to support the delivery of housing and growth within the town. The UAD has been placed in the public domain via the Norfolk Heritage Explorer website and the Heritage Gateway Website raising awareness, interest in and understanding of King’s Lynn’s rich past.

View King's Lynn Urban Archaeological Database Project Report