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Housing register - Upload your evidence

Complete or maintain an application, or send us evidence

Maintain your application

Once you’ve started an application, you’ll be able to login to your account and manage your application.

When you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to:

  • finish a form you’ve already started
  • complete a change of circumstances
  • upload additional documentation/photos to support your application
  • update your contact details
  • send us a message
  • view any letters or emails we’ve sent you

Uploading evidence

Once logged in, you can upload evidence using the ‘My documents’ tab. Here you’ll also see any documents you’ve previously uploaded.

Your upload must meet certain standards, or we may not accept it. This may cause a delay in your application.

The supporting documentation can be scanned copies or photos of original documents. It:

  • must be clear and in focus, not blurry
  • must not be too light or dark
  • must be legible
  • must be unaltered by computer software
  • must contain the whole document (you can provide more than one photograph if it will not fit)
  • can be in colour or black and white

We’re unable to remind you about any outstanding or further information. It’s your responsibility to provide this.

Log in to maintain your application or upload evidence

To log in to maintain your application you’ll need your:

  • user ID number
  • password
  • security question answer

Login to maintain your application

What happens next?

If you’ve made any amendments to your application or provided additional supporting documents, this will temporarily suspend your application. This allows the information to be assessed. We’ll assess your application as soon as possible. We look at any updates received in date order.

If you’ve provided supporting documents, we’ll contact you once we’ve accessed your application. We’ll either give you our decision or ask you for further information.

If you have provided all the required information and have not received a response within four to six weeks, you can contact us on 01553 616678 for an update.

Forgotten details

If you don't know your password or security question answer you can reset them following our guidance below:

Can’t remember your household login number (ID)?

When you’ve made your application a household login number (ID) will be shown, and emailed using the email address provided.

If you can’t remember your household login number, then you'll need to start a new application to find it. You’ll need to enter your forename, surname, date of birth, and National Insurance Number. The system will find any application linked to your details, and show your household login number (this is a six-digit number beginning with a one). You can then use this to reset your other details if needed. You can find out your household login number on our housing registration page.

Can’t remember your password?

You can reset your password using your household login (ID) number. To re-set your password, select 'Forgotten password?' on our housing registration page.