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Partly occupied properties

How to claim a discount if you're party occupying your business premises

Who can apply?

Generally, you'll be liable for the full business rates whether you're occupying your business premises fully or only in part. However, if you're partly occupying the property for only a short period of time, we may consider a discretionary reduction in your business rates.

We may award the relief if your premises is partly unoccupied due to:

  • full occupation being phased in over a period of time
  • full vacation occurring in stages over a period of time
  • temporary occupation due to remedial building or refurbishment works

Who can't apply?

We won't grant relief if:

  • your request is made after the premises becomes fully occupied, or fully vacant
  • for periods of less than six weeks

Apply for relief

To apply for the relief please complete our application form. Please return the form to us with a floor plan showing the area of occupation and non-occupation.

Once we've received your application, we may need to contact you for further information about your under occupation. We may also visit your premises to check that the unoccupied area is not in use.

Download our partly occupied properties relief form