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Corporate Strategy 2023 - 2027

Our priorities

Our vision

To establish West Norfolk as a place on the map rather than an administrative boundary and ensure it is a welcoming rural district, with vibrant communities and successful, growing businesses.

A place where people can thrive, the environment is protected, heritage is preserved, and development meets the needs of people as well as legislation.

Our priorities

Our key priorities are set out under four overarching themes:

Promote growth and prosperity to benefit West Norfolk

To create job opportunities, support economic growth, develop skills needed locally, encourage housing development and infrastructure that meets local need and promote West Norfolk as a destination,

Protect our environment

To create a cleaner, greener, and better protected West Norfolk by considering environmental issues in all we do and by encouraging residents and businesses to do the same.

Efficient and effective delivery of our services

To provide cost-effective, efficient services that meet the needs of our local communities, promote good governance, and provide sustainable financial planning and appropriate staffing.

Support our communities

To support the health and wellbeing of our communities, help prevent homelessness, assist people with access to benefits advice and ensure there is equal access to opportunities.

Our key principles

In delivering our priorities we undertake to work:


We will be open, honest and transparent in our decision making and ensure we follow best practice in governance.


We will be respectful of others’ views and balance these with statutory requirements and our corporate priorities in our decision making. We will ensure we are inclusive by treating people fairly, equally and with understanding.


We will work closely with our local partners, businesses, communities and individuals to ensure we co-ordinate delivery of services across the borough, reducing duplication.


We will encourage innovation, develop staff, and carefully manage our finances and resources to effectively deliver services and projects to benefit our communities.

Implementing our priorities

This vision, its supporting priorities and key principles form the framework for the delivery of services and initiatives for our residents, businesses and visitors. Each priority will be part of officer led plans and follow guidance in policy documents.

This strategy is a ‘live’ document which will be monitored regularly and reviewed annually to allow for any new or emerging issues and to ensure it remains relevant to the current needs of our communities.

Core values are being developed with staff and members to establish a set of behaviours that support these priorities and the key principles.

Monitoring progress

Performance will be tracked by monitoring progress of how senior officers’ plans are progressing and also by how well individual officers’ work targets are being achieved.

Monitoring of senior officers’ plans will take place and results provided to both Cabinet and the committee which scrutinises and provides a check on such matters – the Corporate Performance Panel.

Infographic outlining facts and figures about West Norfolk in 2022/23