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Sanctuary Scheme

What is the Sanctuary Scheme?

The Sanctuary Scheme is a victim-centred programme that can prevent homelessness by allowing victim-survivors of domestic abuse to feel safer in their home where it is their choice, and it is safe to do so.

Through the Sanctuary Scheme, anyone who no longer lives with the perpetrator can receive help to have security measures installed that will make them feel safer.

This can help victim-survivors and their families stay close to their support networks and prevent the need to disrupt their lives by becoming homeless and fleeing to another area.

What does the Sanctuary Scheme provide?

Our Sanctuary-trained officers will assess each property and install any suitable target hardening measures to improve security. Every Sanctuary Scheme is different to make sure it meets the needs of the individual, the property, and their situation. If staying in your home is safe, security measures can include:

  • new or extra door locks
  • alarms for windows
  • smart or camera doorbells

Even with these extra security measures, we cannot guarantee your household’s safety. It is important to understand if the Sanctuary Scheme is the right choice for you.


The scheme is free and is open to standard to medium risk victim-survivors of domestic abuse living in West Norfolk.

It is available to people living in housing association properties, private tenants, as well as owner occupiers.

You will need to have rights to occupy the property as either sole owner or tenant or be able to exclude the perpetrator of the abuse through legal means. If you live in rented accommodation, the landlord’s permission is needed before we can complete any work on the property.

Accessing the scheme

If you are an individual who has experienced domestic abuse:

You can get a referral for this scheme through professional support. If you would like to access support, please visit our domestic abuse advice page.

If you would like more information on accessing this scheme and currently have no support from a professional, you can also email

If you are a professional who provides support to victim-survivors:

Referrals are currently being accepted from professionals who are supporting victim-survivors.

To complete a referral, please ensure:

  • a DASH risk assessment has been completed to identify if your client is standard or medium risk
  • consent has been provided by the victim-survivor for the referral and information sharing

Submit a Sanctuary Scheme referral

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