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Where your Council Tax goes

How much of your Council Tax goes to which service provider

Where the funds are spent

Some of your bill goes to us, and helps to pay for local services. Please see our Financial Plan for more information on this. 

We also collect the Council Tax on behalf of:

The table below shows how much of the Council Tax goes to which service provider. The figures shown are based on an average Band D property. If you want to find out more about your property band, and the charge breakdown, please see our How much is my Council Tax page.

Authority This year (2024/2025) Last year (2023/2024) Increase % Increase Cost per week

Norfolk County Council

£1,443.96 £1,396.26 £47.70 3.00% £27.77

Norfolk County Council - Adult Social Care*

£228.15 £196.38 £31.77 1.99% £4.39

Police Precept

£315.90 £302.94 £12.96 4.28% £6.08

Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk

£148.37 £143.87 £4.50 3.13% £2.85

Average parish/town council

£63.53 £59.25 £4.28 7.22% £1.22
Average special expenses £15.77 £15.28 £0.49 3.21% £0.30


£2,215.68 £2,113.98 £101.70 4.81% £42.61

*The regulations require us to show the individual increases for Norfolk County Council for both the standard charge and the Adult Social Care charge as a percentage of their total charge for the previous year. For 2023/2024 the total council tax charge for Norfolk County Council was £1,592.62. This is the figure you need to use when calculating the increase for either part of their council tax charge for 2024/2025.