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Town and Parish precept

Information about the amount of your Council Tax that goes to your parish or town council

Parish precept

An amount of your Council Tax is collected on behalf of each parish to pay for services such as cemeteries, playing fields, and open spaces.

You can view the precept information for your area.

Just provide us with your address by entering a postcode or street name which is in the Borough of King's Lynn & West Norfolk.

For a detailed breakdown of how your precept has been worked out, please contact your Parish or Town Council. If you’d like to check the parish precept information for another area, please use our drop down facility below:

What the figures mean

The figures show the ‘tax base’, ‘parish precept’ and the amount payable (for a Band D property):

  • the tax base – the number of properties (within that parish) for which Council Tax is payable
  • Parish precept – the figure required to cover spending on service delivery within the parish
  • Band D – the figure that each band D property will be charged (the band D figure is then used in further calculations to work out the charge for other bands)

The precept shown is the amount payable for a Band D property in addition to Norfolk County Council, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk and Borough Council elements of your Council Tax. The actual precept for your property is shown on the front of your bill. This is included (if applicable) in your 2020/2021 Council Tax bill.

Parish councils with precept over £140,000

Budget information for the four parishes with a precept over £140,000 is available using the dropdown below:

Downham Market (£543,020)

Downham Market Parish Council income summary
  Budget 2021/22 Budget 2020/21 Budget 2019/20
Estimated expenditure £732,633.10 £567,052.13 £506,929
Precept required £543,020 £519,020 £506,361

Parish comments

Downham Market Parish Council has expressed that there will be very little impact as the increase of council tax is very low and little impact to individual council tax payer.

Hunstanton (£180,000)

No budget information has been received for 2020/2021.

The parish precept report is usually published on the Hunstanton Town Council's website.

Dersingham (£146,000)

Dersingham Parish Council expenditure summary
Expenditure summary (by committee) Budget 2021/22 Budget 2020/21 Budget 2019/20
Finance & Administration (staff, office, meetings, war memorial, sports ground) £120,200 £111,550 £93,750
Grants (sports ground, churchyard, community car scheme, minor grants) £11,250.00 £10,600 £10,100
Communications (village voice, data, village voice live, website, notice boards) £16,900 £18,800 £17,300
Environment* (streetlights, grass-cutting, dog/litter bins, benches, trees, planting) £23,035 £20,010 £24,510
Recreation (Christmas lights, events, recreation ground & play area) £8652 £5100 £6875
Village centre (development costs, fundraising) nil £18,000 £76,000
Planning nil nil nil
Total £180,037 £184,060 £228,535
Dersingham Parish Council income summary
Income summary (by committee) Budget 2021/22 Budget 2020/21 Budget 2019/20
Communications £16,900 £18,800 £16,000
Skatepark Grants £77,000 nil nil
Total £93,900 £16,000 £16,000