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Where the money comes from

How we meet the costs of providing you local services

Funds to be raised

The money to meet the net cost of providing our services comes from:

Where our money for services comes from
  2023/2024 (Estimated)
Revenues Support Grant (952,100)
Rural Services Delivery Grant (485,690)
New Homes Bonus (14,560)
Other Government Grants (1,144,020)
Business Rates (12,068,520)
Business Rates Reserves (0)
Collection Fund Surplus (0)
Council Tax Band D 143.87
Council Tax Base 52,984
Council Tax (7,622,806)
Total (22,287,700)

How this affects your Council Tax

The balance to be raised through Council Tax (£7,622,806) is divided by the number of chargeable Council Tax properties calculated at Band D. For 2023/2024 this is 52,984, giving a Band D Council Tax of £143.87.

For more information about your Council Tax bill, please see our explanatory note.