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Gas safety

Information on gas safety and using a Gas Safe Registered engineer

Gas safety

Employers, landlords and the self-employed have a duty to maintain their gas equipment, so it's safe to use.

It's important to maintain:

  • gas appliances
  • installation pipework
  • flues (which can include extraction systems)


Gas equipment and appliances need inspecting every 12 months; they also need to be serviced (check the manufacturer's instructions).

'Gas Safe' engineers

All works should be completed by 'Gas Safe' registered engineers. This is important because badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances may result in:

  • gas leaks
  • fire and explosion
  • carbon monoxide poisoning

It's illegal to have an unregistered person work on your gas equipment.

You can find a registered engineer by:

When you're calling, remember to tell the advisor whether you need a commercial or a domestic engineer.

Checking an engineer is registered

You can carry out a search on the Gas Safe Register's website before the engineer arrives.

You can check the engineers ID card.  All registered engineers carry one, and it includes:

  • their registration number
  • start and expiry date of registration
  • type of work the engineer is registered to carry out
  • a security hologram

You can also check the engineers ID card for:

  • the type of work they are registered to do
  • their qualifications on specified types of equipment (found on the back of the card)

If you have any doubts, contact Gas Safe 0800 408 5500.

Engineers are not automatically qualified to work on both domestic and commercial installations. 

Inspection Certificate 

You need to make sure the engineer gives you an 'inspection certificate' after:

  • they have completed any works, or
  • they complete an inspection

The certificate should give details of:

  • equipment inspected
  • works carried out
  • any safety information