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Organised litter picks

Improve your local area by organising a community litter pick

Why help?

A community clean-up is a great way to show that you care about your local environment. It may also encourage others to take pride in the area.

If you're able to gather a group of willing volunteers, we can lend you the litter picking equipment you need. We'll also give advice to make sure your event is safe and enjoyable.


You'll need to decide where your clean-up is going to be. Examples include:

  • a local play area or park
  • school grounds
  • your own street

If you want to litter pick on the beach, you'll need to contact our Resorts Team to arrange this. Please email


Once you've told us about your litter pick, and who'll be attending, we'll provide equipment, including:

  • high visibility jackets
  • gloves
  • litter pick up sticks
  • rubbish bags 

We won't provide recycling bags. We find that most of the litter dropped is non-recyclable. Please place any litter found in the rubbish bags we provide.

Staying safe

Community litter picking events that are organised are a great way to get the community together, but the safety of all participants is paramount.

Please can you ensure that you abide by the risk assessment that we send out to the organisers especially in relation to fast road picking.

If you are unable to pick from an area that is not accessible due to the dangers of the highway, then please email:

Organise your litter pick

You can tell us about your planned litter pick online.

To tell us about your litter pick, you'll need to know:

  • where you're litter picking
  • how many people are taking part

Organise a litter pick

What happens next

Once we've received your form, we'll:

  • Arrange a time and date so that you can come collect the equipment before your litter pick
  • We'll then arrange a time and date for you to return the equipment after your litter pick has finished