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Street trading licence

The process you must follow if you would like to trade in our town centre, and information on busking

Street trading consent

If you want to trade in our town centre you'll likely need a street trading licence.

However, you won't need a licence if you're:

  • trading as a pedlar under licence issued by a police authority
  • a market trader operating at a licensed market venue
  • a news vendor selling only newspapers and periodicals

Burger or hot dog stalls

We're not currently able to accept any more burger or hot dog type stalls. We'll only consider giving consent if your food stall is different from what's currently on offer in the town centre.

Apply for a street trading licence 

To apply you need to be planning on trading in the town centre. If you'll be trading in the Vancouver Quarter you'll need separate permission. Please contact them on 01553 819901.

To apply for a street trading licence for a permanent pitch you'll need:

  • two references (with full addresses and telephone numbers)
  • evidence of public demand for the goods

Download our street trading consent form

Occasional street trading

If you're looking to trade occasionally you need to complete our occasional street trading consent form. You don't need to provide any evidence with your application.

What happens next?

Once we have received your application we'll make a decision, and let you know if we have granted consent. If we give you consent to trade you'll then be required to make payment for your licence (£13.00), and provide a valid copy of your public liability insurance.


Busking and other forms of street entertainment can create an enhanced atmosphere to both local residents and visitors.

You do not need a licence to busk. But, in certain areas classed as private land, you'll need to gain permission from us. Please email us at if you wish to busk in the following areas in Hunstanton:

  • the Green
  • Esplanade Gardens
  • the Spinney
  • the Promenade

When busking in any area, you must follow our code of conduct. The code was written to prevent busking being intrusive, annoying and offensive.

Please don't:

  • play for more than one hour in any location (pitch)
  • return to any location (pitch) within a period of two hours from when your last performance there ended

Please take time to view our full busking code of practice.

Sale of merchandise

If you wish to sell merchandise while busking (e.g. CD's) then you'll need street trading consent to do so. Please complete our street trading consent form in the shaded box above.

Amplified music

Performers of live amplified music in the street may require a temporary event notice (TEN). Please see our TEN page.