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Local land charge searches

Official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975 guaranteeing comprehensive replies to the official LLC1 and Con29 enquiries

Every local authority in England and Wales, with the exception of county councils, is required to hold a local land charges register that records obligations affecting properties within their administrative area.

The Local Land Charges team is responsible for the maintenance of the Local Land Charges Register and the administration and co-ordination of all official Local Searches carried out in the West Norfolk area; requirements for conveyancing are satisfied by the submission of a Local Search.

Under the Infrastructure Act 2015 responsibility for the 336 registers was transferred to HM Land Registry (HMLR) in a phased approach. The first transfer was in summer 2018.

HM Land Registry are working in partnership with local authorities in England and Wales to standardise and migrate local land charges register information to one accessible place.

Local authorities will continue to provide replies to CON29 enquiries, such as nearby road schemes or outstanding notices, which may affect a purchaser's decision whether to proceed. Once a local authority's local land charges data has been migrated to HM Land Registry, you will no longer be able to get local land charge search results from that local authority.

The Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk are in the very early stages of this migration.

Land charge types

The Local search is in two parts:

LLC1 - is a search of the Local Land Charges Register and reveals any legal charges against the property being searched, for example:

  • conditionally approved planning consents
  • listed building status
  • conservation areas.
  • tree preservation orders
  • planning restrictions

CON 29 Part I - Enquiries of the Local Authority

CON 29 Part II - Optional Enquiries of the Local Authority.

The CON 29 is a standard form of enquiries, agreed between the Law Society and Local Government organisations. It reveals information obtained from departments within The Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk and Norfolk County Council, for example:

  • Planning
  • Building Control
  • Environmental Health
  • Highways

Water and Drainage enquiries are answered by:

Geodesys Ltd
PO Box 485
PE29 6YB

Vsit the Geodesys website or call on 0800 085 8050.

For land ownership enquiries, contact HM Land Registry.

Visit the GOV.UK website or call on 0300 006 0411.

Submitting a search

Your solicitor will usually submit a search for you. However, you can submit a search yourself. You will need to fill out a set of forms, which you can buy from legal stationers.

You'll need to provide a site or property location plan outlining the relevant parcel of land or property in red.

Searches can be submitted either through an online search service or by email. We aim to return searches within 10 working days from receipt of a valid payment, but this target can be affected at busy times. A search will not be commenced until we have received confirmation of payment.

Personal searches

A personal search is a free of charge inspection of the local land charges register.

You will need to provide:

  • An up to date location plan showing the precise area outlined in red.
  • The full property address.
  • The CON29 questions available under the Environmental Information Regulations to which a reply is required.
  • Correct email for return of search and telephone number in case of queries.

Email your request to

We aim to return personal searches in 20 working days.

Local land charges fees

Service Net VAT VAT @ 20% Total fee
CON29R £47.60 £9.52 £57.12
LLC1 £25.30 £0.00 £25.30
CON29O (each) £15.30 £3.06 £18.36
Parcel fee (each) £14.20 £2.84 £17.04
Additional enquiries (each) £17.70 £0.00 £17.70
Planning history search (only back to 1994) £25.30 £0.00 £25.30
Planning history search (only back to 1948) £56.90 £0.00 £56.90
Service Net VAT VAT @ 20% Total fee
CON29R £43.30 £8.66 £51.96
LLC1 £23.00 £0.00 £23.00
CON29O (each) £13.90 £2.78 £16.68
Parcel fee (each) £12.90 £2.58 £15.48
Additional enquiries (each) £16.10 £0.00 £16.10
Planning history search (only back to 1994) £23.00 £0.00 £23.00
Planning history search (only back to 1948) £51.70 £0.00 £51.70

Contact details

Telephone: 01553 616268 or 01553 616687


By Post:

Local Land Charges Department
Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk
King's Court
Chapel Street
King's Lynn
PE30 1EX