Butchers HACCP Plans

This HACCP template pack for butchers is designed to help you to comply with current food law.  Currently legislation requires you to have in place a food safety management system based on HACCP principles, and maintain the records which accompany this, as well as practices which you carry out such as adequate segregation of raw and cooked foods and prevention of cross contamination.


Although you may not need all of these templates, they are available for you to adapt to suit your business and make your own, as we recognise the fact that 'one size' does not always fit all.  The sheets have been designed so that they are easy to edit, and examples given on the forms can be deleted if necessary. 






NEW: The document on the right is a full documented HACCP pack aimed at Butchers.  You can download the document for free or we can supply a copy for £10.00

Remember to read through and complete it ready for your next inspection.


NEW: Produced by the Chief Officers Group in Northern Ireland

  HACCP Plan Templates

(pdf, 61kb)


Butchers HACCP

(pdf, 1.73MB)



Cleaning Checklist

(pdf, 24kb)



Cleaning Schedule

(pdf, 18kb)

Cooking & Cooling


(pdf, 14kb)

Refrigeration/Freezer Temperature Log

(pdf, 14kb)

Equipment Calibration Log

(pdf, 21kb)





Health Questionnaire

(pdf, 15kb)

Staff Sickness


(pdf, 26kb)

Staff Hygiene Rules

(pdf, 17kb)





Staff Training Chart

(pdf, 22kb)

Individual Training


(pdf, 18kb)

Glass/Plastic Breakage Policy

(pdf, 14kb)



  Maintenance Checklist

(pdf, 23kb)

 Maintenance Plan

(pdf, 21 kb)

 Pest Control Checklist

(pdf, 22kb)


If you have difficulty in completing the forms, or any queries with regards to a written food safety management system, your Food Safety Team is available to advise you where necessary.  Hard copies are available on request. 



Food Premises Approval


All food premises which produce products of animal origin and supply to another food business may need approval; especially if they are supplying other businesses outside of their local area, or if the supply to other businesses is greater than 25% of their business.  Premises which are only supplying the ultimate consumer are exempt.


If you wish to apply for approval or require more information you can contact the Food Safety Team


Contact us


If you have any further information or advice please contact the Food Safety Team on 01553 616200 or email foodhygieneandsafety@west-norfolk.gov.uk


Last updated: 19 June 2014
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