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What is the Local Development Plan?

About the plan which guides development in the borough and sets out how housing need will be met

About the Local Development Plan

The Local Development Plan:

  • guides development within the borough
  • sets out the long term future for the borough
  • outlines how we'll ensure that growth is delivered in the right places
  • guides how the growth will take into account the needs of our local communities

The government is clear that all local authorities must have an up to date plan to guide development. And this should plan for the infrastructure, homes and jobs that our residents need.

The land use policies contained within the Local Development Plan are used when making decisions on planning applications. And they help us decide where to allocate land for residential use.

What's in the Local Development Plan?

The plans and policies that make up the Local Development Plan are:

  • the Local Plan (this plan includes two policies; the Core Strategy, and the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan)
  • any completed neighbourhood plans
  • the Norfolk County Council Mineral and Waste Plan

They’re outlined in further detail below:

Core Strategy

Adopted in 2011 this plan guides development and use of land up to 2026. It will steer and shape new development. It sets out the long term plans for the borough.

In effect it is the first part of the Local Plan.

It contains a number of borough wide policies to help shape new development. And it provides the strategic direction of growth.

You can find out more, and view the strategy on our Core Strategy page.

Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Plan (SADMP)

Adopted in 2016 this plan sets out land allocations and development management policies. It complements and assists the Core Strategy in achieving it's vision, aims and objectives.

It will guide development and change in the borough through to 2026.

In effect this forms the second part of the Local Plan. It provides development boundaries for settlements. And it provides housing allocations across the borough.

You can find out more, and view the plan on the SADMP page.

Neighbourhood development plans

Neighbourhood planning is a way for communities to decide the future of where they live and work.

Neighbourhood development plans set out a vision for the use of land in the community. The plans are prepared by town and parish councils, or neighbourhood forums.

Please note; if a neighbourhood plan is made and comes into force after our own Local Plan, the neighbourhood plan may contain different policies. The most recent plan for that area will be used. This could include, for example, a different development boundary to the one in the Local Plan.

You can find out which plans are in force on our completed plans page.

Norfolk County Council's Mineral and Waste Plan

The mineral and waste planning policies give guidance to developers on:

  • how the waste produced in Norfolk should be dealt with 
  • how much mineral extraction is needed (and where to extract the minerals)

It also makes clear where mineral extraction, associated development and waste management facilities should and shouldn't be located.

You can find out more, and view the plan on our Mineral and waste plan page


We listened to the community while we were creating the Local Plan. You can find out more about the consultations that took place on our SADMP consultation page.

Local Plan review

We are preparing a review of the Local Plan. The emerging Local Plan looks at development up to 2036. This will eventually replace the current Local Plan. You can find out more on our emerging Local Development Plan page.