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Stage six - Demand notice

How and when CIL payments are required

What is a demand notice?

When we have received the commencement notice, we'll issue a demand notice to the person(s) who have assumed liability to pay CIL.

Once a demand notice is issued, the CIL charge will be registered on the Land Charges Register.

The notice will set out the date that CIL must be paid by. In most cases, you'll have at least 60 days to pay from the date of commencement

Where instalments apply the notice will set out the:

  • amount due in each instalment
  • date it must be paid by

Please note, shortly after we have issued a demand notice you'll be invoiced separately to enable ease of payment.

If you start work without sending us an assumption of liability form or a commencement notice, we'll withdraw the right to pay by instalments. Payment will be due in full and immediately.

If payment is not made by the due date, we'll impose penalty surcharges and interest.


To ensure that the CIL collection process runs smoothly, we've been given a stringent set of enforcement powers.

Please visit our CIL surcharges page for more details.

CIL Payments

We will send you an invoice telling you how much you need to pay. Payments can be made by direct debit, bank details will be given on the invoice.

We have an online service for payments made by Credit or Debit Card.

Make an online CIL payment

We will acknowledge all CIL payments.